BMW Motorrad Hong Kong
Feb 11


BMW Concept Stunt G310

It’s loud, and it attracts attention – the new stunt concept study from BMW Motorrad. A one-cylinder roadster in the extraordinary design of a stunt bike. Already at first glance, it’s obvious how much riding enjoyment the concept bike offers.

The colour scheme combines the BMW Motorsport colours – white, red and blue – with a modern interpretation of the colour of Brazil’s national flag. The bright accents in neon yellow and green emphasise the exceptionally dynamic design and make the BMW Concept Stunt G 310 impossible to ignore, in every situation.

One way or another, the stunt bike makes its voice heard everywhere – featuring a characteristic, short exhaust pipe.


The design of the BMW Concept Stunt G 310 is based on the DNA of the S 1000 R – a powerful and performance-oriented roadster. The innovative conception of the newly developed one-cylinder engine allows for very compact and agile proportions. To make sure nothing gets in the way of a spectacular stunt, you won’t find mirrors, lights, passenger footrests or number plates on the stunt bike.

Instead, there are numerous stunt modifications: foot pegs on the front axle and near the seat and a special aluminium stunt tail developed by BMW Motorrad with a so-called seat hole, which offers a safe foothold for the stunt rider – and makes breathtaking stunts possible.